The Collaborative Economy Research network is intended to discuss opportunities for cooperation between private and public institutions doing research on the collaborative economy, which can include studies in economics and marketing, computer science, geography, cultural studies, sociology, philosophy, psychology, organisational studies, management, finance, open innovation, Internet law, public administration, urbanism and planning.

The network was formed in 2015 by OuiShare to map out current research in the collaborative economy. Since the 1st OuiShare Research workshop, several seminars and workshops have taken place in different locations. We witness the increased interest and relevance for the role of research in the collaborative economy, bearing academic rigour in research methods and analyses, bridging “practitioners” problems and contemporary issues with theoretical contribution, representing the research community to glo-cal stakeholders (grassroots, governmental or business organisations, etc.) and collaborating for access to data, research funding, writing reports, sharing case studies and so on.

Stay tuned for future events!