OuiShare BCN – Research workshop 2016


After a successful meet up in Paris during the last OuiShareFest (see wrap-up), a new research meeting will take place at the OuiShareFest Barcelona, 27 October 2016, 3pm!


OuiShare Mag (ES): “The first community of researchers about the Collaborative Economy arrives in Barcelona”. 



The collaborative economy creates a new, and yet unknown, paradigm that economists, sociologists, IT developers, policy makers and researchers from many other disciplines seek to understand.  In response to the great interest that the collaborative economy arises in the scientific research field this workshop is intended to connect all those who are developing studies that explore, in a way, this new phenomenon.


The workshop which will be held on October 27th (15:00), at OuiShare Fest Barcelona (http://bcn.ouisharefest.com).

All participants will get together with other researchers in order to exchange ideas, methods, results, and any information that may be useful for the scientific community. In turn, we will discuss relevant research aspects such as; data collection techniques, tools to connect with other projects and investigators, research designs, etc.

Furthermore, and in order to improve the current Research Network, there will be an informative talk explaining all different social tools that the community uses to exchange relevant information (Facebook, mailing lists, Linkedin, blog,…). See Meet Your Peers.

The workshop will be divided in the following activities:

  • Welcoming and short introduction to the Research Network
  • Speed dating (all participants will present their studies up to 5 minutes approx.)
  • Round table where all participants will discuss aspects such as:
    • Tools and resources to improve research
    • Methodologies
    • Problems (solutions) in order to get relevant data
    • Different ways to engage with other projects and researchers
    • Database
  • Coming events and meetings
  • Shared walk

Aiming to improve the scientific research on the sharing economy and attempting to design new collaborative methods, we invite all those interested to take part in this workshop to sign up.

Sing up online: https://goo.gl/forms/z91mwf222dSTglUI2

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For questions, contact the workshop coordinators: Mayo Fuster (mayo.fuster@eui.eu) & Esther Martos (sharing.economy.prague@gmail.com).