Madrid Research Seminar 2017

Research Seminar on the Sharing Economy

23th of June at the University Pontificia Comillas, Madrid

The sharing economy creates a new, and yet unknown, paradigm that economists, sociologists, IT developers, policy makers and researchers from many other disciplines seek to understand.  In response to the great interest that the sharing economy arises in the scientific research field this seminar is intended to connect all those who are developing studies that explore, in a way, this new phenomenon.

Research teams from both, the University Pontificia Comillas and OuiShare encourage all those who are currently doing research on the sharing economy to, please share it with us.

This one-day research seminar seeks to:

  1. Offer an opportunity to researchers to discuss their work with peers and receive feedback and suggestions so that to raise the publication opportunities.
  2. Learning of state-of-the-art research on this field.
  3. Network and meet potential partners to learn from and enjoy doing research with.



The seminar aims to address the sharing economy from a multidisciplinary angle. Therefore, we invite researchers from different disciplines and methods to send their work. Inter alia, we are interested in:

  • Main drivers of the sharing economy.
  • Business models based on collaborative practices.
  • Sharing in making and distributing.
  • Co-creation and co-distribution of value.
  • Economic, societal and environmental outcomes of the sharing economy.
  • Consumers and the sharing economy
  • Managerial learnings of the sharing economy.
  • Legal issues attached to the sharing economy.

10 papers will be selected to be presented in this research seminar. Each presenter will be given 20 minutes to explain the research, plus 10 minutes of Q&A. A wrap session will allow to make connections and outline a future research agenda.

To maximize the chances of everyone to participate, the seminar can be attended physically or remotely, via videoconferencing.


Seminar structure:

The seminar will be held the 23th of June at the University Pontificia Comillas, Alberto Aguilera, 23, 28015 Madrid (room TBD) and it will be divided in the following activities:

  • Welcoming and short introduction of the seminar
  • First round of presentations (5 papers)
  • Keynote Antonio Maudes (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y Competencia): Institutional framework for the sharing economy in the EU.
  • Coffee break/lunch
  • Second round of presentations (5 papers)
  • Round table or wrap session in which main findings and research issues will be discussed by all participants. (relevant approaches, methodologies, issues on obtaining data, how to engage collaboratively into research networks?, etc)



To participate, send a 1500 word abstract, describing the research problem, research approach, findings and implications (references not included in the count)  to:, The first page should include; title, author(s), affiliation, contact details and remote/present option to present the paper if selected. Papers can be sent in either English or Spanish. Seminar organisers will read and evaluate the papers, selecting those with more potential to impact the audience or advance knowledge in the field.

Deadline: 1st May 2017.


Seminar Organizers:

University Pontificia Comillas E-sost Research Group
OuiShare – Collaborative Economy Research Network