How Can the Collaborative Economy Ethos Transform the Research Practice? Nov 21, 2015


We invite you to join us for a meeting of sharing and collaborative economy researchers on November 21st in Barcelona. The meeting will focus on the theme of ‘How the collaborative economy ethos can transform the research practice’, and aims to connect researchers focussing on broadly similar topics, in order to foster a local network of researchers.

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The Sharing and Collaborative Economy Research Network was formed after two important events aimed at gathering researchers working on the sharing and collaborative economy:

  • OuiShare Research Workshop (side-event to OuiShare Fest ‘15) on 19th May 2015;
  • 1st IWSE (International Workshop on the Sharing Economy), held in Utrecht from 4-5 June 2015.

While it currently exists only as a Google Group mailing list, we are hoping to turn it into something much more useful for researchers. To do this we are reaching out to current and potential future members of the network in order to collectively envisage how we could best develop this into a fruitful resource and tool – at a global and local level – in a way that is in line with our needs and aspirations.

Using ‘collaborative economy’ in the broadest sense of the term (see, for example, OuiShare’s framework), we welcome researchers from a diverse range of disciplines, with interests spanning collaborative consumption, open knowledge, peer production, open source, makers movement, P2P finance, distributed and collaborative governance and block-chain applications.

If you know of friends or colleagues who are professional researchers (or PhD students) working on these topics, please do forward them an invite!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (CET) Add to Calendar
The Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGOP) [Room TBC] – Passeig d’Urrutia, 17 Barcelona 08042 ES – View Map


12:00 – Welcoming

12:15 – Presentation of the Sharing and Collaborative Economy Research Network: where are we now?

12:30 – Speed Dating Research Style: 1 minute to share your research with all attendees

13:00 – Jigsaw: Collective envisaging of how the sharing economy ethos could transform research, with a focus on
4 sub-themes:

  • Research methods
  • Data Sets
  • Research questions
  • Tools

13:40 – Open discussion on the future of the network

14:00 – Lunch and networking at Share & Fair

OuiShare Fest BCN: ‘La Transformación Colaborativa’
This researchers’ event coincides with OuiShare Fest Barcelona ‘La Trasformación Colaborativa’. Organised by OuiShare Spain, this conference dedicated to the collaborative economy in a Spanish and Spanish-speaking context, will be held in Barcelona from 19-21 November.

On the 21st, as a part of the OuiShare Barcelona Fest, there will be a ‘Share & Fest’ open day where we will have the opportunity to meet and explore existing sharing economy initiatives and a second hand goods market. After the event, we will all head over there for a bite to eat and some informal networking.

Connecting with the global network
To develop the network at a global level as well, we have also reached out to members of the network in other cities and countries, asking them to organise meet-ups around the same time to discuss their desires from the network. The output from all the events will be collated and shared, with clear action points for moving forward.

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